'Off The Street On Our Feet' Gears Up for Chinny Charge to Combat Homelessness

Dedicated runners make strides from Mullumbimby and beyond in their mission to support rough sleepers.

September 12, 2023
Kate Love
'Off The Street On Our Feet' Gears Up for Chinny Charge to Combat Homelessness

As the weekend approaches, Off The Street On Our Feet (OTSOOF) is preparing to make a significant impact at the upcoming Chinny Charge event in Mullumbimby. Last Sunday, the team displayed its unwavering commitment to combating homelessness during its third running event in Coffs Harbour. A team of eight dedicated OTSOOF runners participated in various races, ranging from 5km to a gruelling 36km, showcasing their determination to make a difference.

Founder and visionary of OTSOOF, and a former rough sleeper himself, Mat Broster expressed his enthusiasm about their recent event, stating, "What a weekend that was. We literally camped just 30 metres from the finish line. Having some of us lay next to our tent as the rest of us finished the longer runs was so surreal but utterly amazing."

Chinny Charge

OTSOOF's primary objective is to support individuals experiencing homelessness and to shed light on this issue within the community. The organisation is now eagerly looking forward to the Chinny Charge scheduled for this Saturday, where they plan to make a meaningful contribution to their local community. Their mission is to lead the way in addressing homelessness and encourage more rough sleepers to join their weekly runs.

Support the Team

If you're interested in supporting "Off The Street On Our Feet," you can now connect with them on social media. Additionally, you can join their running sessions at Fletcher Street Cottage in Byron Bay every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 6:45 am. The organisation is currently preparing for the "Bridge to Brisbane" event on 15th October and is actively seeking more runners to join their cause.

In the accompanying photo (from left to right), you can see the dedicated individuals making a difference in their community:

  • Pete Link (Byron Bay Runners)
  • Morgan Peacock-Clarke (rough sleeper)
  • Mat Broster (founder)
  • Daniel Abeleven (partnering supporter)
  • Omar Amin (Community Support Worker, Fletcher Street Cottage)
  • Sarah Aldridge (Byron Bay Runners)

This remarkable group of individuals, along with many others, is determined to tackle homelessness head-on and create a brighter future for those in need.

Photo by Nashyspix - Photography & Framing

As OTSOOF continues its noble mission, it is evident that their dedication and unwavering commitment are making a significant impact in the fight against homelessness. The Chinny Charge event promises to be another important step in their journey towards a more compassionate and inclusive society.

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