Kate Love

Kate Love

Communications Manager

I love my community because of the strong community spirit, the natural wonders and the lively culture.


Communications specialist with 15 years international experience in media, marketing and PR. With a proven track record of successful communication strategies and team leadership in the non-profit sector, I've helped elevate our organisations's profile and drive positive change. Committed to fostering connections, amplifying our mission and envisioning a future of even greater impact through effective communication strategies.

Tell us about your role at the Byron Community Centre? I'm responsible for internal and external communications at the Byron Community Centre and its social enterprises: Byron Theatre, Byron Markets and Byron Spaces, as well as homeless hub Fletcher Street Cottage. I manage the website, press releases, newsletters, advertising, donor relations and social media. My purpose is to use the power of storytelling to share our social impact and encourage people to engage and participate in community.

What’s the most inspiring part of your job? I love that the work that I do makes a difference in the lives of community members, whether through support at Fletcher Street Cottage, stallholders at the markets, or artists at the theatre.

I love my community because…I've got a special spot in my heart for the Byron Shire as I grew up here, love the community spirit, the natural wonders and lively culture, all of which make up this unique Rainbow Region.

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