Invested in Community
in FY23
2022 Northern Rivers Flood Relief Fund
Visits to Fletcher Street Cottage (opened April 12, 2022)
Volunteer contribution in FY23
byron community centre sub fund

Leave a Bequest

Invest in the future of the Byron community through the Byron Community Centre Sub Fund and leave a lasting legacy. If you're interested in leaving a gift in your will, please contact Louise O'Connell at gm@byroncentre.com.au or 0477 666 819.

  • Leave a lasting legacy by supporting vital community initiatives and programs that uplift and empower the Byron community.
  • Ensure a sustainable future for essential services and initiatives that benefit the community for generations to come.
  • Help foster a stronger, more connected community, promoting positive change and support for those in need within Byron.
Local businesses supported by Byron Markets
Events at Byron Theatre per year
Weekly community sessions worth $15,620 (FY23)
Byron Spaces hires (FY23)
uplift our community

Community Services

We provide support for our local community by delivering a range of community programs and services that aim to better the lives of people in need.

  • Leave a positive impact by supporting Fletcher Street Cottage to provide crucial resources and aid for locals facing homelessness.
  • Enable volunteer-driven initiatives and community engagement by fostering a culture of giving back and collective involvement.
  • Ensure the continuation of vibrant and enriching weekly activities for seniors to nurture wellbeing among elder residents.
Current volunteers
Volunteer contribution (FY23)
Emergency relief at Fletcher Street Cottage (FY23)
Community space valued at $42,740 (FY23)