Emergency Appeal: A Community Triumph

Highlights of our Fletcher Street Cottage campaign, showcasing the power of community and collective effort.

Emergency Appeal: A Community Triumph

In the span of just a few months, the Fletcher Street Cottage team embarked on an ambitious Emergency Appeal campaign that took the community by storm. From July 1 to September 18, 2023, we rallied support, forged partnerships and garnered attention from various media outlets. Here are the highlights of our campaign, showcasing the power of community and collective effort.

Fundraising Target Surpassed

The primary goal of the Emergency Appeal was to raise $350,000, which equated to 35% of our operational budget. The community rallied together, and the results were astounding. In total, we raised an impressive $400,000, and donations are still coming in through digital marketing ads. The average donation hovered around $1,200 to $1,300 per person. The highest single donation was $100,000 by a generous individual donor.

Recurring Donations and Pledges

One of the heartening aspects of this campaign was the emergence of recurring donors. 25 generous individuals, businesses and foundations committed to recurrent donations, amounting to around $1,700 per month ongoing. This represents approximately 9% of all donations in the campaign. Furthermore, there were pending pledges, indicating continued support in the future. Recurrent donors include Bangalow CWA, The Farm, Lennox Hotel, and more.

Digital Reach and Engagement

Fletcher Street Cottage's online presence soared during the campaign. The website received 4,300+ visitors, with 170+ conversions. On Instagram, our reach increased by a staggering 758%, with an engagement boost of 15.5%. Similarly, our Facebook page witnessed a 55.7% increase in reach and an 87% surge in visits. These platforms collectively helped spread awareness and drive donations.

Effective Advertising

Advertising played a crucial role in the success of the campaign. Through Meta and Google ads, we reached an impressive 45,700+ people and received 216,500+ impressions.

Media Coverage

The campaign received extensive media coverage, starting with a feature in The Echo newspaper in June. This was followed by online stories, news reports and radio interviews. Notable mentions include ABC News, The Daily Telegraph and SBS News, among others. The media attention significantly boosted Fletcher Street Cottage's profile and drove more people to contribute.

Homelessness Week Events

For Homelessness Week (August 6 - 13), we hosted a pop-up launch event at the Community Market, an Art Space for volunteers, and the Off The Street On Our Feet award ceremony.

Community Partnerships

Fletcher Street Cottage's collaboration with local businesses and organisations proved to be a cornerstone of our success. Partnerships with business and organisations like Crystalbrook, Spell, Arcbuild and Bayleaf Cafe helped raise funds and awareness. Global Ripple deserves a special mention for donating all proceeds for August, which amounted to an incredible $55,480.

Legacy Tools and Assets

Aside from the immediate impact, Fletcher Street Cottage also invested in legacy tools and assets. We created a Partnerships Pitch Document PDF, a Partnerships Collateral Kit, and the 'Friends of Fletcher Street Cottage' platform to nurture ongoing support. Additionally, we set up a donor CRM system and secured Google Ads for Nonprofits, ensuring continued growth and visibility.

The Fletcher Street Cottage Emergency Appeal campaign was not just a fundraising effort, it was a testament to the power of community spirit and determination. By exceeding our fundraising target, expanding our digital reach and establishing lasting partnerships, Fletcher Street Cottage has paved the way for a brighter future for Byron's homeless. As we transition into our annual 'Give Heart' campaign, we can only anticipate even greater accomplishments and a stronger, more resilient community.

Get involved or donate at www.giveheart.au.

Special thanks to campaign team Ky Haus (Future Good), Kate Love and Amy Grenfell and our volunteers who supported the production of the Campaign Video.