Fletcher Street Cottage Celebrates 2nd Anniversary

Celebrating Two Years of Compassionate Community Care

Fletcher Street Cottage Celebrates 2nd Anniversary

Celebrating Two Years of Community Impact: Fletcher Street Cottage Reflects on its Journey

As the sun rises on April 12th 2024, Fletcher Street Cottage marks a significant milestone - its second anniversary. Two years ago, this haven opened its doors, offering solace and support to those facing the harsh realities of homelessness in Byron Bay. Since then, it has blossomed into a beacon of hope, providing essential services and a nurturing environment for those in need.

In just two years, Fletcher Street Cottage has welcomed over 18,900 visits, demonstrating our indispensable role within the community. With care and dedication to serving Byron Shire's homeless community, the hub has served 20,300 breakfasts, facilitated 8,700 showers and laundry services, and amassed an incredible 6,400 volunteer hours.

Jen Lunan, the Manager of Fletcher Street Cottage, reflects on the journey with gratitude, saying:

"The past two years have been a testament to resilience and compassion. Fletcher Street Cottage remains committed to uplifting the lives of our most vulnerable community members. We are immensely proud of the impact we've made and the lives we've touched."

Statistics from the NSW Government 2023 Street Count reveal Byron Shire's unfortunate reality - it holds the largest cohort of rough sleepers in NSW, surpassing even the City of Sydney. As the cost of living soars and the local rental crisis deepens, Fletcher Street Cottage has seen a surge in demand for its services, notably from an increasing number of women seeking support. This sobering truth underscores the urgent need for initiatives like Fletcher Street Cottage.

Maddi Powell, a dedicated Community Support Worker, emphasises the significance of this milestone, saying:

"As we celebrate our second anniversary, I am reminded of the incredible people we've had the privilege to support here at Fletcher Street Cottage. What stands out to me is the power of collaboration and community."

Despite receiving no ongoing government funding, Fletcher Street Cottage perseveres thanks to the generosity of donors. Community Support Workers offer advocacy and referral services, collaborating with specialist service organisations to provide comprehensive support ranging from employment assistance to medical care.

Maddi adds:

"The growth of our service and the number of people seeking support have been remarkable. None of this would be possible without the support of our visiting services, community members, and dedicated staff and volunteers. I am incredibly proud of our Fletcher Street Cottage community and grateful for the opportunity to serve here every day."

The journey of Fletcher Street Cottage serves as a testament to the transformative power of community collaboration and professional support. As the Byron Community Centre charts its course for the future, it remains steadfast in its commitment to continuing its vital services and ensuring no community member is left behind.

Kate Love, Acting General Manager, expresses her gratitude to the community, stating:

"It’s heartwarming to witness stories of positive change where people have received assistance to transform their lives. We extend our deepest thanks to our dedicated staff, volunteers, donors, and community partners whose unwavering support has been instrumental in realizing our vision of a more inclusive and supportive community."

To learn more about Fletcher Street Cottage and contribute to its mission, visit Fletcher Street Cottage's website. Join us as we continue to make a difference, one life at a time.