Secret Santa at Fletcher Street Cottage

Spread the word, share the joy, give a gift and support Fletcher Street Cottage in uplifting lives this Christmas.

September 12, 2023
Kate Love
Secret Santa at Fletcher Street Cottage

In the heart of Byron Shire, where the sun kisses the sand and waves echo serenity, lies a lesser-known reality. Hundreds of locals are braving harsh conditions this Christmas, seeking shelter on pavements, in makeshift tents and within parked vehicles. This festive season, let’s weave joy and care into their lives through the 12 Days of Homeless Christmas at Fletcher Street Cottage.

Secret Santa for Service Users

Drop off a wrapped gift to Fletcher Street Cottage for our Secret Santa this Christmas:

Day 1 - Summer Essentials

The scorching sun demands protection. Wide-brim hats, sunscreen and sunglasses shield against its relentless rays.

Day 2 - Portable Water Bottles

Hydration is essential year-round. Reusable water bottles ensure people stay refreshed on their journeys.

Day 3 - Beach Towels

Beyond beach visits, these towels offer comfort after a shower at Fletcher Street Cottage, a simple luxury often overlooked.

Day 4 - Food Gift Cards

Savouring a warm meal brings joy. Gift cards for local eateries offer the pleasure of choice and a full stomach.

Day 5 - Store Vouchers

Empowerment in choice! Vouchers for clothing or homeware stores pave the way for enhancing quality of life.

Day 6 - Personal Care Kits

Restoring dignity through essentials like toothpaste, soap and sanitary products speaks volumes of care and compassion.

Day 7 - First Aid Kits

A gesture of safety and care, basic medical supplies like band-aids and pain relievers are indispensable.

Day 8 - Lightweight Backpacks

Practical and secure, these backpacks safeguard people's belongings, offering a sense of security.

Day 9 - Camping Gear

Nights outdoors are a reality. Sleeping bags, mats and tents provide comfort and protection against the elements.

Day 10 - Transportation Assistance

Supporting people's journeys to vital destinations. Transport passes aid in reaching job interviews or medical appointments.

Day 11 - Positive Entertainment

Books, puzzles or art supplies offer pathways for relaxation and creative expression, nurturing the mind and soul.

Day 12 - Fun Activities

Adding a sprinkle of joy to people's lives. Vouchers for cinema or outdoor adventures bring smiles and cherished memories.

Join us in this heartfelt initiative to make a difference. Spread the word, share the joy and support Fletcher Street Cottage in uplifting lives this Christmas. Together, let's gift hope and warmth to our community.