Fletcher Street Cottage

We provide support, information, referral and advocacy to people at risk of homelessness and those already sleeping rough. Opening hours are Tuesday to Friday from 7am to 12pm. If you need support, we are here for you.

A homeless hub in the heart of Byron

Fletcher Street Cottage is a welcoming, safe and respectful space where people who are doing it tough can come to enjoy practical relief opportunities, find meaningful connections and access broader support to get back onto their feet.

Support and services for Byron's homeless

Community Support Workers and Visiting Services provide assistance with housing, mental health, physical health, legal advice and counselling, plus other basics like providing a safe place to enjoy a meal, have a shower and do some washing.

How did the cottage come to life?

In response to the housing crisis, the Byron Community Centre partnered with Creative Capital to renovate and reopen Fletcher Street Cottage in April 2022, with the generous support of our donors, partners and supporters.

100% funded by our generous community

With no ongoing government funding, we rely on the support of our community to keep the doors open. If you or your business would like to support us through donation, sponsorship, or in some other way, we'd love to hear from you.

Connect with us

(02) 6685 6807

Proudly supported by our wonderful local community

Just some of the many supporters of Fletcher Street Cottage