Seniors Soar with Byron African Dance Troupe

Fun and energetic African-inspired dance troupe shows off their skills to a captivated audience!

September 12, 2023
Amanda Kuhn
Seniors Soar with Byron African Dance Troupe

In a month filled with vibrant beats and graceful moves, our African Dance for Seniors program, expertly led by Angela McWhinney, reached its pinnacle. The stars of the show? The spirited members of the Byron African Dance Troupe, who took centre stage at Elder Beats Drumming, captivated all with their infectious energy.

Noelle Lynden-Way, Marijke Wester, Pauline Ranscombe, Annie Quarmby and Jeanine McKenzie, some of our most dedicated senior dancers, wowed the audience with their performance. Under Angela's skillful guidance, they proved that age is truly just a number for the joy and vitality that dance can bring to our lives.

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