Important Announcement: Lennox Community Market Non-Renewal of Licence

After two years of operation, the licence will not be renewed, with the last market on Easter Sunday 2024.

October 11, 2023
Graham Double
Important Announcement: Lennox Community Market Non-Renewal of Licence

It is with a blend of sadness and gratitude that we must announce the Lennox Community Market on Sunday 31st March 2024 will be the last under the Byron Markets umbrella. This decision comes after a period of careful consideration and evaluation of the market's sustainability since we became the manager of the Lennox Community Market two years ago.

Despite our best efforts and the support of our stallholders and community members, the unfortunate reality of financial constraints has led us to this decision. We explored various avenues to sustain the market, including fee adjustments and outreach for support, but have reached a crossroads where the financial viability of continuing operations is no longer feasible.

Reflecting on the journey of the Lennox Community Market, it's clear that it has been more than just a marketplace, it’s been a cornerstone of the Lennox community - a place where small businesses thrive, tourists explore, musicians entertain and friendships blossom.

While March 31st will be the last under the Byron Markets banner and brings a sense of sorrow, we find comfort in the continuity of other cherished market experiences in our community. The Byron Community Market, Byron Beachside Market and Byron Twilight Market, will continue to thrive as vibrant symbols of our local culture and commerce.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all our stallholders, community members and partners for their instrumental role in nurturing the vibrant atmosphere of the Lennox Community Market. Your dedication and enthusiasm have been invaluable to our efforts, and we are profoundly grateful.

To the entire team at Lennox Community Market, especially market coordinator Greg Curry, we express sincere gratitude for enriching our community with a legacy of memories, friendships and spirit.

Management of the Lennox Community Market may be taken over by someone else if Ballina Shire Council puts it up for tender and, in that case, we will extend every effort to support this transition through transferral of advice and assets.

Thank you for your understanding and support from the Byron Markets team.