Delphi Goes Bassooning - A Tiny Musical

Weaving together the musical threads of lives lived through music

Delphi Goes Bassooning - A Tiny Musical

Written by Janet Swain
Original songs by Janet Swain
Dramaturgy - Christine Olsen
Movement & Staging - Delia Silvan

When Janet began working on her first solo show, 4 years ago, little did she know it where it was going to take her. From sell out shows (directed by Philippa Williams Brett) at Brunswick Picture House and the Drill Hall Mullumbimby in 2021, the show has continued to change and grow.

Working with dramaturge Chrissy Olsen (Rabbit Proof Fence writer and producer), and local choreographer Delia Silvan has been a demanding and rewarding process. We received a small grant from Create NSW which enabled us to rehearse together in an attempt to find the true heart of this story,’ says Janet Swain.

Janet then organised a Garage Tour of the show – which allowed the show to develop in front of boutique audiences in garages, living rooms, on verandahs and even in a boat shed on an island. The show toured to a theatre in Gosford, and then Janet went on to perform 12 shows at the Adelaide Fringe Festival. She has just returned with great reviews and responses.

Delphi Goes Bassooning - A Tiny Musical

"Filled with emotion, it was obvious this show poured out of a heart full of memories." - Kerry Cooper -    

"Highly recommended! Warm, funny, utterly charming" - Libby O’Donovan AOM

"This is Janet Swain’s first solo show….and what a triumph it is. This is what a Fringe show should be, through and through." - Arna Eyers – White –

Janet is excited to bring her 50 minute tiny musical back to the Byron Theatre on Saturday 18 March at 6pm.

Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased here.