Byron Community Centre: Building a Legacy of Community Support for Over a Century

From historical hub to helping hands: uniting Byron and supporting the vulnerable.

Byron Community Centre: Building a Legacy of Community Support for Over a Century

There would not be a huge number of organisations who can trace their history of support for their community back to 1895. This is when the rich history of the Byron Community Centre began, initially as the Byron Bay School of Arts, establishing itself on the current site in 1907 with the building we know today being erected some 20 years ago.

Over the years this is where members of the Byron community have gathered to see silent films, attend dances, visit the library and today attend a wide range of events at the Byron Theatre, as well as utilising the other event spaces within the community centre. 

Bringing People Together

Throughout its history a deep sense of community has underpinned its reason for existing and the focus of the organisation has always been to bring people together. The description of the Byron Community Centre as ‘the beating heart of Byron’ is so apt on a number of levels. Obviously, the analogy suggests that the community centre is a hub, essential to community activities. However, the analogy extends to the deep sense of caring and concern that is evident in the work of community centre in supporting some of the most vulnerable members of our community.

Fletcher Street Cottage

The Byron Community Centre runs the Fletcher Street Cottage, a support centre for those experiencing homelessness. Services include breakfast, showers and laundry facilities, along with the care provided to individuals by the cottage’s Community Support Workers. These support appointments are vital in helping those attending navigate government services, be better equipped to seek employment and hopefully access accommodation. To live in safety and dignity is a basic human right that must be extended to all people. Fletcher Street Cottage is 100% community funded and relies totally on the goodwill of the community to help those less fortunate than ourselves.

Community Spaces

The Byron Community Centre has a range of wonderful spaces that can be hired so please consider whether you could utilise these. There is the Byron Theatre, but also some great event spaces upstairs. You may be able to recommend the facilities to other organisations, outside the Northern Rivers, who might like to bring their teams to Byron for a unique experience, knowing that their choice of venue will provide much-needed funding to allow the important work of the Byron Community Centre to continue.