Byron Seniors: Afro Dance

Have fun and get your groove on to funky Afro beats.

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Join us for Afro Dance classes, where everyone is welcome to experience the vibrant rhythms and movements of African dance! Our sessions feature invigorating warm-ups, dynamic rhythmic sequences, body percussion, free expression, choreography, and a relaxing cool-down. Get ready to groove to funky Afro beats and let loose while improving your dance skills.

Seniors Program 55+

Classes are held at Byron Community Theatre

Monday mornings 10.30am - 11.30am (no class on Monday 15 July)

Donation $15pp or advance payment of $50 for 4 weeks. 

Or you can bring a party of 4 for $50 if you wish.

Be Active with African Dance!

Classes include warmups, dynamic rhythmic dance moves and combinations, free dance, choreography and a cool down. Easy pace, low impact, all levels, drop in and try a class.

Learn Something New to develop new neural pathways and stave off neural decline! Great for bone density and general cardio health too.

Have fun with high vibes and Afro beats.

Liberate your body, mind and spirit.  Release endorphins and smile!

Benefits: fun, dance fitness, rhythm and coordination, kinaesthetic learning, social connection, expression, brain power, balance, and joy.

Discover what our happy members have to say:

"Once the music starts, it's impossible not to move in the African dance class. By the end of the session, your body and spirits are lifted to new heights. If you can walk, then you can join in. Don't think you're too old, because the oldest current class participant is 84 years old. Which just goes to prove, you're never too old to learn and dance."

  • Pauline

"Angela has made it easy for us - she is a superb teacher. Her classes have a warm-up period, a time to learn new steps, then simple choreography and an opportunity to be creative with the different African dance steps we learn. She keeps an eye on everyone and is very encouraging. I thoroughly recommend this class for all ages – it’s a lot of fun and we all enjoy ourselves and the dance and the music. And we get better at it week by week!"

  • Noelle Lynden-Way, African Dance Regular

"I attended Angela's African Dance Classes and found them to be a great way to exercise my body, improve my coordination skills, and have some fun in a group setting. As a senior, there are not many exercise/dance classes I feel comfortable to join, and this class allowed me to do what felt ok for me. The cost was affordable, the tutor engaging, inspiring, and friendly, and I looked forward to the social interaction that participating in an ongoing group provides."

  • Phoebe

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