Spaces for Community

Come together to connect, share ideas, tell stories and be inspired in a space that was built by community for community.

Community events

Create connections through community

Our community events promote a sense of togetherness and create a shared experience for everyone. They provide an opportunity for people to connect and interact with one another in a space where all are welcome.

Booking a community event or activity with us is an excellent way to create a positive impact on the local community while promoting your brand or message. Our team has the creativity, experience and passion to create a space for you that truly celebrates community spirit.


Invested in community in 2021 - 2022
Spaces hired per year
Free or subsidised room space provided to community groups per year
Charity and fundraising events sponsored at the theatre per year
giving back

Every time you book a space you are giving back to our community

For over 100 years, the Byron Community Centre has provided a range of projects, services and events for locals and visitors. Every time you book a conference or event with Byron Spaces you’re helping us to support our local community.

These funds are used to help locals in need at Fletcher Street Cottage with meals, advocacy and counselling, as well as a range of arts and social programs for the benefit of all.

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